Christmas Markets in Cornwall 2020

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Christmas Markets in Cornwall 2020

The best Christmas markets in Cornwall to do your festive ...

A Cornish Christmas… it conjures up so many things, not least the wonderful array of Cornish Christmas Markets. Visitors and locals flock to the Christmas Markets in Cornwall in their thousands, it’s almost a way of life in Cornwall.  

  • Are the Christmas Markets going to be on in 2020?
  • Where can I buy Cornish Gifts for Christmas 2020? 


Popular Christmas Markets in Cornwall

Popular Christmas Markets in Cornwall include:


Cornwall Christmas Market Activities

Families get together and head out for a day at one of the many festive market events.  There are plenty of stalls to enjoy with one another, perusing at leisure, preparing for Christmas - a traditional start to the Christmas period.  

Each Christmas Market in Cornwall has hundreds of traders, selling their wares – Cornish Gifts, Arts, Crafts, Delicious Food and Drinks and a host of other products and produce.  There will be tasters and samples, music and decorations to get you into the festive spirit while looking for those special gifts for loved ones… or something special for yourself.


Are the Christmas Markets in Cornwall Going Ahead in 2020?

What about 2020?  The year of Covid - are the Cornwall christmas markets going ahead?


Selling At Cornwall’s Christmas Markets

There are many traders in Cornwall who rely heavily on Christmas for a large percentage of their annual income. But will the Christmas Markets be on in 2020?  Well, the answer is yes and no. 

Undoubtedly there will be a few smaller events dotted about the county, but sadly the vast majority of large events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. 


Cornish Christmas Markets Online

Are you wondering what local traders will do, where will they go and how will they sell?

Although it will undoubtedly be a disappointment for many, who love the Cornish Christmas Market events each year and all they offer, most of the people you buy from, the stalls you visit are likely to have an online presence: a website, Etsy or Folksy Shop and will still selling the products you know and love.

Take a look at the gifts available to buy online from Cornish Magpie, who have an extended range including Cornish Hangings (ideal to bring some Nautical or Cornish Cheer to any house or Christmas Tree). New items also include: Candles, Wash Bags and Soaps - lots of Cornish Christmas Gifts ideas perfect as stocking fillers, beautiful gifts or simply classy adornments for your own home. 


Christmas in Cornwall will of course still happen – we still have the breathtaking coastline, the fantastic scenery.  With or without the markets, we’ll still have a Cornish Christmas, just in a different way.  


Supporting Small Businesses In Cornwall

Small businesses are pivoting to adjust to the ‘new-normal’ we all find ourselves in due to the pandemic and its limits on physical interactions. 

Take a little time if you can, to seek out your favourite craft and gift businesses online via websites or social media - spend some of your valuable money with the small guys.  

You can support small traders like Cornish Magpie by giving them a review, following them on social media or by sharing their details with others.  It means so much to businesses like us (think happy dances and moonwalks).  You’ll know exactly who you are buying from, what you are buying and the quality you’ll be receiving.  

I’ll be spending my money with the small guys this year – the makers, the creators, the bakers, the artists.  Will you?


Wishing You All Well

We will all remember the year 2020 for different reasons.  We have all made new memories.

Now let’s all enjoy the run up to Christmas and the Christmas period itself.


Wishing you all a very happy gift buying and recieving season.


With Love, Shirley

Cornish Magpie 

Cornish Magpie sell an array of beautiful gifts, via market stalls in Porthleven (and elsewhere in the County), via the Cornish Christmas Markets and online.  Take a look at our extensive range of gifts, perfect for Christmas including Cards, Hangings, Coasters, Placemats, Teatowels and many more Nautical, Seaside and Cornish Gifts.  


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